‘More Life Than You Can Shake A Stick At’ – The Abbey Road EP has gone digital

Attention all! The much awaited Abbey Road EP is FINALLY available for digital download so follow the magical links below and add rhythm to your lockdown. Currently, it’s live on iTunes & Apple music but shall be available on Spotify & other platforms soon, plus the GOLD VINYL is arriving at Grinning Dog Records this week so keep an eye on my social media for purchase details (and give Grinning Dog Records a like as well!)

Thank you for all your support & stay safe

iTunes: Check it out here!

Apple Music: Check it out here!

Spotify: Check it out here!

Amazon: Check it out here!

YouTube: Check it out here!

EP Artwork- old fashioned man in top hat & suit conducting an old wireless radio
More Life Than You Can Shake A Stick At EP