‘More Life Than You Can Shake A Stick At’ Limited Edition, Hand Numbered, Gold Vinyl EP Out Now!

Nick’s brand new EP, recorded in September 2020 at Abbey Road Studios is 0ut now on Grinning Dog Records.

To order your copy visit the online store at www.grinningdogrecords.com

This limited edition run of 250 copies are hand numbered and presented on stunning 10″ Gold Vinyl.  And…here’s something else you might find interesting – There are some differences to the mixes compared to the digital release which is the result of a happy accident, making these even more collectable. See if you can spot them.

Side A
Hokey Pokey
Hot Foot Jackson
Side B 
The Prize Got It’s Eye On Your Money
Weight Of The World

‘More Life Than You Can Shake A Stick At’ – The Abbey Road EP has gone digital

Attention all! The much awaited Abbey Road EP is FINALLY available for digital download so follow the magical links below and add rhythm to your lockdown. Currently, it’s live on iTunes & Apple music but shall be available on Spotify & other platforms soon, plus the GOLD VINYL is arriving at Grinning Dog Records this week so keep an eye on my social media for purchase details (and give Grinning Dog Records a like as well!)

Thank you for all your support & stay safe

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EP Artwork- old fashioned man in top hat & suit conducting an old wireless radio
More Life Than You Can Shake A Stick At EP

New single and EP recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studio 2

Nick, along with some great friends recently spent some time in London’s Abbey Road Studios to record four brand new original songs.  The EP is titled ‘More Life Than You Can Shake A Stick At’ and will be released February 8th 2020 digitally and on gold 10″ vinyl.

Vinyl Record


A single taken from this is available now.  The song is called ‘Hokey Pokey’ Upon it’s release Nick discovered that not only is there a Children’s song called Hokey Pokey but that it is a name for a satanic ritual!  “I had no idea about this until I googled to check that the digital release was live.  I thought the older song was called Hokey Cokey and there is one, but I found out the tradition song is spelt like mine.  Then I read that it has something to do with a satanic ritual!  That worried me a bit.  My song is far from anything as dark as that.  I actually based it on a story I was told earlier this year when I was in Germany buying a vintage tape machine for the studio.  The Engineer who looked after the machine told me his friend met a lady on holiday he called Hokey Pokey who he thought he was doing pretty well with.  But when he returned home from holiday he wrote a couple of letters to her but never heard anything back.  I liked the name so wrote it on my phone thinking it would make a good story for a song”

Get it on iTunes here or stream on Spotify here

Lockdown Bar Sessions!

With no gigging allowed during lockdown, Nick’s been busy getting creative and hosting virtual ‘gigs’ from inside his home bar. He’s taught himself a vast range of new song covers as well as singing his own and old favourites, come check them out here!

Free CD as our thank you to key workers

As a big thank you from us at grinning dog records we would like to show our appreciation to the key workers who are out there keeping us safe, delivering parcels/food, providing support, working on water waste, roads, shop workers and chemists. We salute you!  If you would like a free CD then please send us an email at info@grinningdogrecords.com

We would love to hear from you and thank you personally.

Kindest regards and love to you all, stay safe

Everyone at grinning dog records x

New album Tatty Hally and the Lost Magic out now on 180g Vinyl and CD!!

Tatty Hally and the Lost Magic is now available on gorgeous weighty 180g Vinyl! Get yours right here.  Or if you’d prefer it on CD then you should go here.

The feedback from this album has been amazing. Some saying it’s the best new album they have heard in a long while.  The album was Nick’s second on Production duties so expect a bit of ‘Neon Heart’ vibe but with a slightly darker tone.

It kicks off with the 80 heavy rock stomper ‘I’m gonna rock, I’m gonna roll’.  Along the journey is the Cure-esc ‘You do bad to me’.  There are stories of Dorset villages, a mermaid, a fictional hero, smugglers, and a little bit of heart tugging.

We hope you love the album, however you listen to it.